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Yaxha tour

CNN reporter Percy von Lipinski takes a unique Yaxha tour with Dieter Richter

The Cultural Triangle (“Triangulo Cultural“) is the first research project in the Mayan World which investigates not just one Mayan site or one building, but an area of 1,200 km² including three big centers (Yaxha, Nakum, Naranjo) and thirteen subcenters. This is the most densely populated region of the Mayan Classic Period.

The Cultural Triangle is situated in the Petén (see map), the largest, most northern state, or department, of Guatemala. It is characterized by huge areas of rain forest and even today it is scarcely populated.

Triangulo Cultural Guatemala

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In 1994, work began at the Mayan site situated at the shore of the lake by the same name, “Yaxha”. With 10 engineers and over 200 workers, work began on the “Cultural Triangle” project.

The expansive Mayan site “Yaxha” sits 168 m above the northern shore of the lake. The Eastern acropolis is an artificially elevated square construction with extremely steep slopes at leading up to the highest point of the city. From above, the site appears as an enormous square surrounded by massive buildings on all four sides. Two of the buildings are palaces that showcase vaults. Building 216 is situated in the middle of the eastern side of the acropolis. This temple pyramid, which features nine platforms, is the highest in the Mayan city and offers a wide view over the lake and the surroundings.

Yaxha Tempel 216

It is an unforgettable sight to watch the sunset over the lake from atop the temple. While Tikal offers breathtaking views, there are many tourists sharing the experience. Only in Yaxha can you enjoy the sunset on your own! If you’re interested at all in Mayan culture, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Yaxha!

Sunset in Yaxha

The German site offers a complete documentation of Yaxha.

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