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Adventurous jungle hike to El Zotz and Tikal in 3 days

The Mayan site of El Zotz lies at the western border of the Tikal territory and has several impressive plazas and two high temples. On our tours, visitors hike through virgin jungle from El Zotz to Tikal and discover countless plants and animals, such as howler and spider monkeys, coatis, deer, and wild boars along the way.

Jungle Hike El Zotz Guatemala


Day 1

  • Breakfast at 7:00 am at Café Arqueológico Yaxha
  • Drive to Dos Aguadas, meet the jungle guide
  • Hike six hours to the biotope camp of El Zotz ("the Bat")
  • Watch thousands of bats fly out from a Mayan cave after sunset
  • Camping in the jungle
Bats at El Zotz Guatemala
Jungle Hike El Zotz Guatemala

Day 2

  • Hike through the biotope to visit the mystic ruins
  • Climb over virgin Mayan temples covered by jungle
  • After lunch 3 hour jungle walk to the camp El Yesal
  • Camping in the jungle
Jungle hike Guatemala
Tikal Guatemala

Day 3

  • Wake up at 5:00 am
  • Hike for six hours through the jungle
  • Reach Temple IV in Tikal at noon and leave guide
  • Explore Tikal at your own pace
  • Return to Flores by minibus
Jungle Hike El Zotz Guatemala

All participants need to be in good physical condition. Hiking in the jungle is exciting, but also means being exposed to high temperatures and humidity. The walking distance is 52 km (32 miles) in total.
All times and routes are subject to change due to the weather or other unforeseen factors in the jungle.

Price per person

Big Jaguar Tikal Guatemala

US$ 155.00 -
US$ 190.00 -
US$ 300.00 -

Package includes:

Additional option:

4 people
2 people
1 person

All meals and purified water
Local Spanish speaking guide
Camping equipment (tents, blankets etc.)
Horses for the luggage
Entrance fees for El Zotz and Tikal
First aid kit

English speaking guide US$ 150.00

Learn more about El Zotz and Tikal on Wikipedia.

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